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Your MADRE Membership is More Important Than Ever

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A travel ban based on religion? An abortion ban forced upon the world’s poorest? Violence promoted as patriotism? Our planet violated for short-term profit?

Put your outrage to work igniting the global power of women. 

Renew your MADRE Membership today!

You’re needed now more than ever.

Women and families in war and disaster zones worldwide are under imminent threat. The Trump administration’s “cruelty budget” will slash life-sustaining programs that promote health, peace and human rights around the world.

These brutal cuts come at a time when four countries in Africa and the Middle East are nearing famine and an estimated 20 million people are close to starvation. Trump’s answer is to deny them lifesaving aid by gutting programs that provide food, medicine and other urgent care to women and families most in need.

His cruelty only fires my resolve, and I hope yours. It’s up to us — MADRE and YOU — to be there for women and families caught in the crosshairs of this administration’s dangerous and heartless policies.

We need your support to maintain and expand our urgent programs that empower women and save their lives. Your tax-deductible membership gift today will help make it possible.

We’re going to put your membership gift to work immediately to change lives. In fact, this year, with your support, we will help rebuild and stock a children’s hospital in war-ravaged Aleppo, Syria. Doctors there estimate that your membership dollars will help reach over 60,000 children who may need care.

And I want to remind you of the other promises we’ve made to our sisters around the world. Like our commitment to maintain shelters and safe houses for Iraqi women fleeing ISIS — your membership gift will make this possible. And your dollars will let us expand our support for former child soldiers in Colombia, including girls exploited as sex slaves. With your help, we’ll be able to reach even more young girls and enable them to heal.  

And that’s not all your tax-deductible gift today will make possible.

In remote areas of Nicaragua, your membership gift will help provide medical and surgical supplies, hospital beds, and more to two maternal health centers. In Palestine, your generosity will enable women impeded by Israeli roadblocks from getting to hospitals to deliver their babies safely. 

Your renewed membership will secure clean water, plant trees and support a women’s farming collective in Kenya. And you’ll help stock community seed banks to protect crops from hurricanes and floods in Nicaragua

Nothing is more important than your participation in the difficult work that we do. I urge you to make your most generous tax-deductible membership gift today. Thank you.

With hope and gratitude, 

Yifat Susskind

Executive Director

P.S. If ever there was a time when women struggling to demand human rights needed you, it’s now. Please make your generous tax-deductible membership gift today. Thank you.