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Words from Our Members

"Why We Love MADRE"

MADRE sent letters to our long-time members to thank them for their commitment to women's human rights. We also invited them to share some thoughts about what inspires them and what they value in their partnership with MADRE. Here's what some members had to say:

"MADRE is the one organization that I will continue to support even as money is scarce and family issues draw down my limited salary. Through their determined and small scale, focused work, MADRE has impacted generations of men and women all over the world by meeting the women with compassion and genuine investment in their dreams. Please keep it up, please pass the passion on to the next generation of US women–MADRE is a national treasure." – Lynn (member since 1986)

"What inspires me about MADRE is organizing women to fulfill their potential, creating bonds of strength in male dominated societies–in a war wounded world." – Lanny (member since 1987)

"It has been so wonderful to actually see the women as they received their chickens....To see them as they participated in the political training session makes us feel like we are right there with them...All of your photos introduced us to these beautiful women in Guatemala and to the work of MADRE in this corner of our world. Bless MADRE and all the lives you are impacting." – Supporter Paula Lamberg speaking about MADRE's Farming for the Future project 

"When I look at MADRE's publications I see the names of people who have struggled for social justice their entire lives; I know that I am in the company of giants." – Karel (member since 1989)

"You have helped so much in opening our eyes in this small New England community to the lives of others elsewhere in our own hemisphere's developing world. In short, you have slowly taught us how to reach out to a small piece of our beloved planet in ways we find deeply rewarding – not just our limited money but a gift of ourselves as our eyes are opened by you." – First Congregational Church of Williamstown (supporters since 1995)

"I am inspired by all you and MADRE do." – Jean (member since 1985)

"What I value about MADRE is your approach to empower women. You don't put band-aids on problems. You offer and support sustainable solutions. This has been a hard year financially for many of us, including me. But I realized that even in hard times, my life is not in jeopardy. I can dig deeper." – Susan (member since 1993)

"There are so many good causes to give to, but I like the fact that MADRE makes the connection between politics and poverty. And that you help women in unpopular places like Iraq and Gaza, places where people are suffering at least partly because of American and Israeli foreign policy." – Adam (member since 1994)

"After I took the trip with you to Nicaragua several years ago, I became a firm believer in MADRE. I saw how you carry out your work with people who are less fortunate. The warm welcome and love they show for you convinced me that whatever we can send will be used to the fullest. May you persevere!" – Margaret & Robert (members since 1985)

"I was much impressed when MADRE opposed, from the beginning, our disastrous troop build-up in Afghanistan. MADRE is at least trying to lead the way toward peace and reason." – Neil (member since 1987)

"I contribute to MADRE because I am confident in their works. Thank you thank you thank you for the real, ground-level, lasting collaborative work you do." – Jessica (member since 1995)

"We support MADRE because it focuses on grass-roots, women's projects. We sincerely believe that the solutions to our global problems of pollution, environmental degradation, poverty and social injustice are to be found LOCALLY on a community level. Any time we can empower women in their own communities, we are one step closer to global solutions." – Patricia and Greg (members since 1989)

"I just retired after 29 years as a high school social studies teacher. The materials from MADRE and the moving stories of the wonderful work you do has motivated me and many students for years. Your work was an important part of my curriculum and has helped to move some students toward careers in the non-profit world." – Raymond (member since 1997)

"I am inspired by the strength and courage of women around the world who manage to survive and care for their families under conditions that are hard to imagine myself in. Thank you." – Karen (member since 1992)

"What matters is showing results, which is one of the reasons we continue to donate to MADRE. MADRE clearly 'walks the walk' of strengthening the abilities of local groups to determine their own destiny. This is why we believe in MADRE. Thank you for your vision and commitment." – Carolyn (member since 1995)

"We support MADRE simply because we believe in it. Keep up your good fight. We just celebrated 55 years of marriage and will keep on supporting you!" – Gerald and Connie (members since 1985)