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A Time Capsule to the Future

Join us in sending a message to the future.

Donald Trump has been inaugurated. He and his right wing collaborators have promised to roll back our human rights and attack the progressive gains of our social movements.

The new Administration has already filled our broadcasts and newsfeeds with a surreal onslaught of bad news that’s only just begun. We need to defend ourselves against deliberate attempts to shock us into submission. Together, we can fortify ourselves for the work ahead.

Your resilience will be vital. That’s because protecting our rights and communities will require all of us: you, MADRE and committed activists around the world.

That’s why we’ve created our Time Capsule.

We’re giving you a space to capture the beliefs you hold most dear. Because when you do that, you’ll be better able to hold your ground, even when the mainstream lurches further to the right. Your values will keep you on solid footing. 

Think about these questions…

  • What do I believe in?
  • Who am I fighting for?
  • What will I refuse to accept?
  • What action will I commit to?
  • What do I want our future to look like?

When the answers come to you, write them down. Draw a picture. Grab a photo that represents those values.

Even the briefest phrase or the smallest memento can hold meaning far beyond its size. Capturing what we believe in boosts our resilience for the work ahead, combats the normalization of the unacceptable, and holds us firm to our convictions.

The Time Capsule is sealed! Thank you to everyone who participated. Next year, we'll open it up, share its contents, and be newly energized to take on the work ahead for social change.

My Promise to You on Our Inauguration Day

"Today is the beginning. It may be the start of the Trump Administration, but let it also be the inauguration of something much more powerful: a renewed feminist social justice movement that takes root in each of our lives, throughout the country and around the world."

- Yifat Susskind, MADRE Executive Director

If we join together and stick to our principles, we’ll be able to remember this moment as the rebirth of our movements for peace, rights and justice. We’ll remember it as a time when we felt, more clearly and more powerfully than ever, the urgency of our struggle for social justice. Let’s never let go of that clarity and that power.

Be sure to send in your messages by February 3, 2017. On that date, we'll seal the Time Capsule.

In one year, in January 2018, we’ll lift the lid on our Time Capsule and share it with the world. Looking back at this moment will give us new energy to continue this essential work: to protect people’s rights and to push forward our movements for peace, rights and justice.

Whatever the next year may bring, we’re grateful to be standing shoulder-to-shoulder with you.

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