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Your 2014 Human Rights Wins

Today is Human Rights Day. It’s a day to remember our shared commitment to fight for and protect the universal rights of all people — not just today, but every day of the year.

As a MADRE supporter, that’s exactly what you have helped us to do this year. You’ve sustained our grassroots partners, providing urgent aid for them to care for communities facing war and disaster. And you’ve equipped them with something else — the tools of human rights advocacy.

When you stand with grassroots women to raise their voices and advocate for their human rights, the results are powerful to behold. Thank you for making all this, and more, possible this year:

  • You mobilized to demand space for women's voices in peace talks . As part of a global campaign called Women Lead to Peace, we joined women from Syria, Bosnia, Ireland, Liberia and other places impacted by war. They shared strategies learned from their own struggles for peace. Next month, we’ll build on that momentum and bring those strategies to a summit on creating peace in Iraq and Syria.

  • You called for urgently-needed policies that recognize climate change as a women’s issue . Now, we’re following up on those demands. We’re supporting local initiatives led by grassroots women to secure scarce water and grow food, despite drought and hunger triggered by climate change. And we’re mobilizing with our partners to bring their expertise to global climate negotiations.

  • You stood up against violations of LGBT people’s and women’s human rights. With our partners IGLHRC  and OWFI, we released human rights reports revealing the pervasive violent threats faced by women and LGBT Iraqis. It has already made an impact: the European Parliament passed a resolution calling for international action on the kidnapping and mistreatment of women and LGBT people.

  • And just last week, you called for women’s human rights in post-disaster aid and reconstruction . When we testified before the US Congress about rebuilding after Haiti’s earthquake, we amplified your voice and the voices of our sister organizations.

  • Thank you for making women's voices heard and for bringing us closer to a world where all people enjoy their full human rights. We couldn’t do this work without you.

In celebration,

Yifat Susskind
MADRE Executive Director