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Voices of Indigenous Women of the Wangki

Nicaragua’s North Atlantic Coast is dotted with hundreds of small, isolated Indigenous communities. These villages are spread apart, making it hard for women living there to reach each other. What’s worse, when a woman is in danger or facing abuse in her home, she may not know where to turn for help.

That’s why we traveled to Nicaragua to deliver 200 new solar-powered radios that your support helped to supply.

These radios are not just for entertainment. Thanks to our soon-to-launch human rights radio program, they will be a vital lifeline for women facing violence in these communities.

That’s because our radio programs will broadcast information on key protective services available to survivors of abuse. Women will gain access to information on the shelters, medical care, legal services and more that our on-the-ground partners provide. And we’ll tell women exactly who they need to call and where they can go to find help.

We are excited to report that the radios have been distributed to women in 115 communities along Nicaragua’s North Atlantic Coast. And that’s not all! We’ve just heard from our local partners that we were able to purchase new equipment for our own radio station – we’re calling it Voices of Indigenous Women of the Wangki.

This is a huge achievement. Once we have our own station, we no longer have to rent air time for our human rights programing. This means that we can broadcast more often and reach even more women facing life-threatening violence.

Thanks so much for making this lifesaving work possible!