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Vital Healing and Care for Women and Girls in Colombia

Thank you for helping us offer healing to sexual violence survivors in Colombia. Your support of this project helped us to expand to El Chocó, a poor community in the north of Colombia. Thanks to you, these survivors now have a new, safe space for community-building and healing.

Since the new work in El Chocó began, we have run 23 art therapy and psychosocial support workshops. We've reached 105 women and girls! 

The workshops offer a safe, loving, and supportive environment for women and girls to take part in healing art therapy. They stage creative performances, including drawing, painting, singing, dancing, and theatrical role playing. These activities help survivors of war to express their feelings and share their experiences of violence with one another. They strengthen their friendships with each other—a vital network of support for healing.

Healing from the trauma of sexual violence takes time. Progress is possible, and our partners on the ground told us how they've seen it.  For instance, some girls are now able to talk about sexual violence, to share their stories with others and to envision a future free from violence. Others have regained their motivation to go to school. Some have even expressed a desire to become social workers or women’s rights activists to support other women and girls affected by violence.

Thank you so much for making this important and restorative work possible. Thanks to you, women and girls harmed by decades of war in Colombia are healing. What’s more, they’re thriving in a vital community of support.