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Turn Your Outrage into Action

I am still thankful. The past weeks have been filled with so much fear and bad news. But we are not buffeted by these changing winds, because our eyes are looking to what comes next and our feet are firmly planted — thanks to you.

You may still be reeling from the US election results. We knew the ugly truth but Donald Trump’s win pulled the lid off: the bigotry we have long been fighting is deeply entrenched. MADRE has always been committed to fighting oppression and creating a more just world. And now, our work is needed more than ever.

That's why I’m thankful for you. In the days since the election, the messages I’ve received from the MADRE community — from members like you and from our partners around the world — show me that we are committed to the fight and powerful together.

We’re preparing for the impacts that Trump’s presidency will have on women and families worldwide. And we're ready to redouble our commitment, knowing that our work together will be essential. For example:

  • For women both here in the US and around the world, our reproductive rights are in danger. While Roe v. Wade and reproductive health services in the US are under threat, so is US funding for women’s health programs worldwide. Our work to provide women’s health care will become even more needed, especially in the hard-to-reach war and disaster zones where MADRE works.
  • The President-elect is a climate change denier vowing to gut environmental protections. As our grassroots partners face worsening floods, deadly droughts and food shortages, MADRE is forging urgent, local solutions like harvesting rainwater in Kenya and installing seed banks in Nicaragua.
  • MADRE has always worked hand-in-hand with grassroots activists to provide humanitarian aid and shelter for women and families targeted by US-sponsored wars, from Iraq to Guatemala to Colombia. Whatever wars this next Administration wants to start or worsen, we will be on the picket-lines with our activist partners here and on the frontlines with our sisters worldwide, bringing help and solidarity wherever we’re needed.

Rest assured that in the uncertain days to come, MADRE will continue to do what we do best: defend the rights of women and families worldwide. We did it in the 1980s, when the Reagan Administration set its sights on dismantling the gains of our social movements and attacked the communities of our sister organizations in Nicaragua and across Central America. Ever since, MADRE has given people in the US a way to join hands with women around the world to protect those most in danger. And we’re ready to do it again, in the uncharted territory before us.

We're ready to do this because we have you standing with us. And we need your support now more than ever.

Please make a gift today!

Thank you. I’m grateful to have you as an ally in our work to defend rights and equality for all.

With gratitude and hope,

Yifat Susskind

MADRE Executive Director


November 21, 2016