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From Texas to Nepal, We Stand with Women and Families

When the storm surges and the waters rise, mothers do what they must to keep their children and communities safe.

It’s true in Texas, where Hurricane Harvey spread devastation across thousands of square miles.

And it’s true in South Asia, where massive flooding across the region has killed over 1,200 people.

As a MADRE member, you know another essential truth: local women’s organizations are indispensable first responders to sustain struggling women and families when disaster strikes. That’s why we mobilize to support their life-saving work.

With our local partner, the National Indigenous Women’s Forum, we’re responding to floods and landslides triggered by the deluge of monsoon rains in Indigenous communities in Nepal. Together, we’ll make sure that emergency aid reaches Indigenous women and families in the most hard-to-reach and remote areas.

And in Texas, we’re supporting Circle of Health International (COHI) to provide urgent aid to mothers and children who’ve been forced to evacuate. Thanks to this vital response, women and families in danger will have food, water, medicine, a roof over their heads and transportation to safety.

By supporting local women’s organizations, from Nepal to Texas, we make sure that the most vulnerable people — like pregnant women, new mothers and newborns, and people with disabilities — get the care they need. And we stand firm by communities marginalized by discrimination and on the front lines of climate change — from Indigenous Peoples in Nepal to immigrants and communities of color in Texas.

We couldn’t do this work without you — please help us continue to make this life-saving work possible by making a generous gift to MADRE today. Know that your support means that our partners have your friendship and support as they rebuild from any storm. Thank you as always.