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Testifying for Human Rights in Haiti

Yesterday, MADRE Human Rights Advocacy Director, Lisa Davis, testified at the US Congress. The hearing gathered advocates and officials to talk about human rights and reconstruction in Haiti, nearly five years after the earthquake.

Lisa spoke out about the need to prioritize women's human rights in aid delivery, reconstruction and policymaking. To do so, she drew on our decades of work with Haitian activist partners -- work made possible by supporters like you.

Lisa was joined by Paul Farmer and Loune Viaud, of the organization Partners in Health, with whom MADRE has collaborated over the years. (The full presentation begins at the 1:10 mark in the video, and Lisa's testimony begins at 1:34.) Click to watch the testimony and here for the transcript.

We're not only speaking out before the US Congress about human rights in Haiti. We've also taken action at the United Nations, to call for protections for women and LGBT people against violence and discrimination and to counter threats against human rights defenders at the women's organization KOFAVIV.

Thank you for being part of this on-going work.