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Stand with Mosul

After nine months of bloody fighting, Iraqi military forces have seized back control of Mosul from ISIS.

But for the many women and families devastated by three years of ISIS occupation, by months of brutal battles, and by US-led airstrikes that killed over 1,000 people – the fight to survive continues.

Nearly one million civilians have already fled Mosul, and the many people who remained trapped in the war-torn city have faced the threat of starvation and terrible violence.

With your support, we can stand steadfast with our grassroots partners and with women and families in Iraq.

Our local partners at the Organization of Women’s Freedom in Iraq (OWFI) are responding urgently to the needs of Iraqi women and families.

This means delivering food baskets in refugee camps just outside of Mosul.

OWFI delivered lifesaving aid in Mosul

And it means opening six new shelters in and around Mosul for women and children fleeing ISIS. In these shelters, people find urgent care and protection. The families OWFI works with are displaced and severely traumatized — but with your support, we can provide them with a peaceful and secure space to recover.

Yanar Mohamed comforts children fleeing violence
Yanar Mohammed (center), leader of OWFI, comforts children who have recently escaped Mosul.

Some may have declared victory, but the struggle for these women and families is not over. Their city has been destroyed, and the lives they once knew are gone. MADRE and OWFI are determined to stand with them to heal and rebuild.

That’s the difference you make when you support MADRE. You reach women and families in the hardest of places with lifesaving aid and care. You support local women defending their families and communities. And you stand with them for the long haul, well after the news cycle has moved on, to rebuild lives and strengthen communities.

With hope and thanks,

Yifat Susskind

MADRE Executive Director 

When you support MADRE, you help women find hope and build just communities around the world.

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July 11, 2017  / Middle East / Iraq