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Solar Radios for Women in Nicaragua!

Help women in conflict - Solar Radios

“Our station is the most listened to radio station in the region!”

That’s what our local partners, Wangki Tangni, proudly told us last week when we were with them in Nicaragua. We traveled there to attend the Indigenous Women’s Forum that Wangki Tangni organizes each year, with our support. The forum is a rare chance for women living in remote communities along the North Atlantic Coast to come together. They share their experiences, talk about the challenges they face, including violence, and create solutions.

Take this solution: earlier this year and with your support, Wangki Tangni launched their very own radio station. It's a vital lifeline of support to women who face violence alone in isolated communities. The station broadcasts information on women's rights and on how to access protective services.

Since its launch, your support has already helped us to deliver solar radios to women in these remote communities. Many are already tuning in to our human rights programming. We spoke with women who raved about one of the most popular programs. Not only is it broadcast every Saturday in the local Indigenous Miskito language, but the program teaches and reinforces that respect for women is a Miskito value.

This year at the forum, your support helped us to distribute over 40 more solar radios—two radios each for over 20 communities in attendance!

Each community selected two women leaders to receive training on how to use the radios. These women will be responsible for maintaining the radios. And they will organize listening groups, scheduled weekly times when community members gather to listen to the radio and discuss the programs. Thank you for making this possible!

And here are some new photos from the radio station!