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Send a Message to Celebrate Palestinian and Israeli Midwives!

All over the world, women are denied their fundamental reproductive rights. From a lack of basic health check-ups to scarce family planning services, this is the reality too many women face.

In places where we work – in Jordan with Syrian refugees, in Guatemala, Haiti, Kenya and beyond – our sisters are working hard to overcome these barriers to reproductive health for themselves, for their daughters and for their communities.

Our sister organization Midwives for Peace is a prime example of this vital work. A network of Israeli and Palestinian midwives, they work together, despite the conflict, driven by their shared belief that every mother deserves a joyful experience of childbirth and every baby deserves to grow up in peace.

Midwives for Peace collaborate to build their midwifery skills and share techniques that save the lives of mothers and babies.
This amazing group is celebrating their five-year anniversary!

We want to show Midwives for Peace just how much we value the important work they do. I hope you'll join us by signing your name on to the anniversary message below.


Yifat Susskind
MADRE Executive Director
P.S. - If you would like to write your own greeting to our sisters, just reply to this message and we'll make sure that they get it.
P.P.S. - Click here to read my blog entry about my recent trip to visit the women of Midwives for Peace.