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Responding to Crisis in Yemen

The situation in Yemen is one of the most brutal humanitarian crises today. 

Civilians are trapped in the midst of a devastating civil war between the government and rebels. The US has worsened the crisis by carrying out airstrikes and supporting bombing campaigns by Saudi Arabia. And aid agencies are struggling to meet the needs of the most vulnerable people in crisis.

Through MADRE, you make a difference. We’re supporting a women-led organization based in Aden, a city in southern Yemen hosting nearly 400,000 displaced people. With your help, the Sawasia Organization for Human Rights is distributing food aid baskets, a basic and vital way to sustain women and families. What’s more, we’re helping them provide solar kits to generate electricity and lighting for women and families living in refugee camps.

Sawasia will focus on getting aid to women who are the head of their households and to poor families. This way, through our grassroots partners, we’ll be sure to reach those most vulnerable. 

Our work to sustain women facing war and disaster is possible because of you. Thank you. With your support, we’re helping women and families in Yemen survive and rebuild, just as we have in crisis zones around the world

With you, we’re always ready to mobilize and respond to emergencies and disasters. 

With thanks,



August 24, 2017