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The Power of Your Support

The news out of Haiti is grave. Hurricane Matthew, the most powerful storm to hit the country in close to a decade, left a trail of destruction. Hundreds have been killed, and thousands more left homeless.

It was a devastating blow to Haiti, where women and families are still struggling to recover from the 2010 earthquake. But they persevere. You can stand with them. 

When you give to MADRE, you help ensure that we were ready to respond to this disaster immediately and effectively with lifesaving aid. With our help, our local partners are:

  • Delivering urgent aid through their on-the-ground connections and networks, including food, medicines, clothing, blankets, feminine hygiene products and temporary shelter, to the most vulnerable and hard-hit communities.
  • Providing hygiene kits with soap, water purification tablets, bleach, towels and more. This is a vital protection against the spread of cholera. Haiti has been battling this deadly but easily preventable waterborne disease for years, and cases are already spiking after the hurricane.
  • Arranging safe haven and support for LGBTIQ people in Haiti. When disasters strike, like the deadly 2010 earthquake, religious evangelists have blamed LGBTIQ people, triggering a backlash of violence and discrimination. Our partners tell us that many are afraid to leave their homes in fear of violent retaliation after the hurricane. Your support helps to make sure they are safe.

You can make emergency support like this for women, families and vulnerable communities possible! Through MADRE, you have a clear, effective way to help communities in danger when disaster strikes.

What’s more, MADRE stays with our partners for the long haul. Long after the news stops covering this hurricane, we’ll still be there with our partners. Together with you, we’ll bring the longterm support our partners need to recover from this disaster and to rebuild safer, more resilient communities. And we’ll do it because we have you standing with us. Thank you.

With gratitude,

Yifat Susskind
MADRE Executive Director