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Meet Fairoz

“My greatest goal is to support to the Yazidi women who have survived ISIS. How can we give them a better life? This is the question.”

Fairoz is tall and striking, and while her clothes may be loud, she’s soft-spoken. But when you ask her about her goals and dreams, she comes alive. That’s because she’s passionate about her work with young women who have fled ISIS. She knows she can help them to rebuild their lives even after all they’ve been through.

And that’s exactly what she’s doing at the new shelter and rape crisis center in Kurdistan launched by MADRE’s partners. Every day, she works with the young women who have found their way to our shelter. She teaches them skills that they can use to grow their confidence and earn income. Many are learning to read and write for the first time. The classes, Fairoz hopes, will help to transform the lives of these young women after the horrors they’ve endured.

We asked Fairoz where she got the courage to stand up for Iraqi women, under even the worst circumstances. Instantly, her face lights up. “From my mother,” she told us with a bright smile. “She always encouraged me to go out into the world, and to work and to help people.”

For Fairoz, her happiest moment was the day she graduated from college. She remembers how accomplished she felt. How proud her family was of her education. How excited she was for the future. She wants the young women she works with to remember what it’s like to feel such happiness. And she wants them to look forward to the future.

This is how she will help change their lives. With her quiet determination, we know she can make it happen.

Your support as a MADRE member launched the shelter that Fairoz helps run. Learn more here.