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Hope Lives in Action: Stella's Story

I’m often asked by my family and friends about my work at MADRE, “How do you not feel overwhelmed when the world is in so much trouble?”

My answer is simple: you. With your help, MADRE joins together with courageous activists around the world. I know a better world is possible because, with you and our grassroots partners, we’re building it.

Take Stella Duque, leader of Taller de Vida, MADRE’s partner group in Colombia. Together, we provide critical counselling and healing art therapy to former child soldiers to help them rebuild peaceful lives.

Earlier this month, the Colombian government approved a hard-fought peace deal to end over 50 years of war with the FARC, an armed rebel group. We asked Stella to reflect on the peace process in Colombia and how she hopes to continue healing families and communities after decades of violence:

“For me, peace means justice. I imagine peace with young girls who can live a real childhood and have good schooling. With Indigenous and Afro-Colombian communities who can celebrate their cultures. With leaders who listen to their people. I would like to say to the women worldwide who have lived through war like us: there’s hope. Always raise your voice, and always join hands with other women. We can build a global chain of solidarity, together and stronger.”

Because you stand with us, MADRE and our grassroots partners—like Stella—can tackle the world’s biggest challenges head on. Through MADRE, you rise up with women activists around the world creating a better, more just world for us all.


With hope and gratitude,

Yifat Susskind

MADRE Executive Director


When you support MADRE, you help women peacebuilders foster healing and justice in their communities around the world.

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December 9, 2016