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Hope Lives in Action: Rose's Story

Let me tell you about Rose Cunningham. Simply put, she’s a force for women and girls – and for their right to a life free of violence.
Rose leads Wangki Tangni, a grassroots women's group and MADRE partner. Where she lives and works in the remote Indigenous communities on Nicaragua's North Atlantic Coast, when women face abuse, they have little protection and few ways to seek help.

But Rose refuses to stand by when a woman or girl is in danger. With your support, Rose is creating communities where all women are safe from violence. She arranges for safe housing to shelter women escaping violence. She speaks out against abusers and demands action from local leaders to protect women. And she educates community members about women’s rights.

She doesn’t do it alone. She knows that women are more powerful when they organize together – and she knows that she has people like you beside her. Every year, with MADRE support, Wangki Tangni holds an Indigenous Women’s Forum. Hundreds of Indigenous women from 115 communities travel for days, on boat and by foot, for the chance to meet with each other.

They are determined to make the journey, driven by their shared commitment to combat the biggest challenges they face, including violence. The Forum is a critical opportunity for women to come together, learn from their experiences and struggles, and create solutions together.

Hear directly from Rose and other Indigenous women at this year’s Forum. Watch our new video below!

Thank you for supporting this vital work. With you by our side, Indigenous women in Nicaragua gain the tools, skills and activist networks they need to create communities free from violence.