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Hope Lives in Action: Eunice's Story

Eunice is a young community health worker in Kenya. Her work with the Indigenous Information Network, MADRE's partner organization, brings her to communities to talk with women and families about their needs.


She knew that women's practice of cooking indoors over an open fire was clogging up their lungs with smoke. What's more, their inefficient stoves were using up too much firewood, stripping away the forests nearby.


Eunice is an innovator and homespun engineer. So when she saw a problem, she fixed it. Eunice built a new kind of stove, with local, easy-to-find materials. It's an updated version of an old Indigenous design, and she was proud of the improvements she made. It uses 80% less wood and produces far less smoke, making cooking more efficient and healthy. And it's easy to build.


Now, she's taking what she's learned to help other women build stoves, safeguard their families' health and sustain their communities.


Watch Eunice explain to me how she built her stove below.


When you support MADRE, you stand with organizers like Eunice who are building the peaceful, healthy world we all need. Thank you for supporting women standing up for hope.


With hope and gratitude,

Yifat Susskind

MADRE Executive Director


When you support MADRE, you help women in Kenya and around the world gain the tools they need to provide for their families.

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