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Build the Future Together

As we start 2017, we’re gearing up to confront the many challenges we know we will face, in the US and around the world.
The incoming administration has already made clear its intent to dismantle important protections to our rights and our environment. But there’s good news: we know we can stand up against these assaults. And we can start by looking to last year for inspiration.
For example, when Indigenous water protectors won an important federal ruling against the Dakota Access Pipeline, their determination reminded us that resistance is not only possible, but it can work. Or when brave survivors of wartime sexual violence won an historic legal victory against Guatemalan military officers charged with sexual slavery, their courage created a breakthrough for prosecuting rape as a weapon of war. They showed us that, even against staggering odds, justice is achievable.
To ready ourselves for the Trump Administration, let’s build on our past and imagine future wins for social justice. To get started, here are some immediate resistance actions you can take, and resources to keep you going: 

Whatever 2017 may bring, we will stand up against threats to our social justice wins and keep on pressing forward. And we’ll do it because we have you standing with us. Thank you.
In solidarity,

Yifat Susskind
MADRE Executive Director