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2017 Helping Hands Donations Will Save Lives!

This year, MADRE’s Helping Hands program delivered life-saving medicines and health supplies to Indigenous communities in Nicaragua as well as prescription eyeglasses to families struggling with lack of healthcare coverage in the US.

We brought the first and only ultrasound machine to the hospital of Waspam, Nicaragua. Doctors will now be able to prevent, diagnose and treat dangerous conditions for pregnant women and improve maternal and infant health. The delivery included deworming medication, prenatal vitamins, and children's supplements to protect the health of thousands of mothers, babies and children in the community.


We also delivered a hospital bed, walkers and crutches, thermometers, syringes, gauze and other basic, but scarce medical supplies for the hospital and a nearby maternal health center.  

And thanks to the generosity of a long-time MADRE donor, we brought solar-powered lanterns to Indigenous women in Nicaragua living without reliable electricity. These lanterns help reduce night-time violence against women in communities without street lights and provide a critical resource for midwives, who often deliver babies at night.


Many thanks to our donors, volunteers, interns and to our partners at InterVol, Dr. Tungs and Vitamin Angels! 


December 19, 2017