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We Stand with People Under Attack by the Trump Administration

With every new announcement and executive order, the Trump administration takes aim at the people that he threatened and marginalized during his campaign — Muslims, refugees, immigrants. And he strikes at the values that live deep in our hearts — human rights, inclusion, peace.

Our hearts will keep beating for these principles, and we will defend the rights and lives of people in danger.
With our grassroots partners, we’re hard at work to counter these dangerous policies worldwide — and to keep forging ahead. Here’s a quick glimpse at how we will strengthen the work that defines us and build new paths to overcome the obstacles ahead.

  • We will sustain women and families confronting war and disaster, in countries like Iraq and Syria that Trump wants to blacklist, with programs that provide shelter and health care.
  • We will help women in places like Latin America combat the poverty and violence that can force them to flee their homes.
  • We will stand with rights advocates here to denounce anti-immigrant policies and deportations that break up families and communities.
  • Faced with a global refugee crisis, Trump's response is to cause even more misery by denying people safe haven. We will reach out with humanitarian aid to refugees and other people blocked by xenophobic policies.
  • We will make sure that our partners working for peace and women’s rights can still pursue their demands for justice, even when the Trump administration’s Muslim ban violates their freedom of movement and their right to testify at the UN.

The Trump administration may overturn our rights protections, and they may impose new, harmful policies. But together, we can and we will resist. In communities across the US, people are coming together to speak out and care for each other. Thank you for making our work possible and for taking a stand with us against exclusion, hate and xenophobia.