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Trump Leaves Paris Climate Agreement

Trump has announced his decision to endanger countless lives worldwide by withdrawing the US from the Paris climate change deal.

This is reprehensible. The US remains the largest historic emitter of carbon dioxide and bears the biggest responsibility for devastating climate change impacts that women and families confront worldwide.

Instead of acting to right this wrong – by cutting greenhouse gas emissions and by investing resources to sustain grassroots communities worldwide facing climate change – Trump has decided to move backwards and worsen the global climate crisis.

We will not back down. With our partners, Women Climate Defenders, and with you, we will stand strong for communities on the frontlines of climate change.

With determination and hope,


P.S. As I write this, MADRE is with our partners in Kenya, meeting with grassroots women creating solutions to fight climate change and ensure their families’ survival. Together, we’re building stronger communities, thanks to your support. This is the vital work that keeps me hopeful, and I’m grateful to have you standing beside us.

June 1, 2017