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Still Hopeful

The news broke last night: Colombia’s peace deal was narrowly rejected in a national vote.

The proposed agreement was the result of four years of negotiations to end decades of war between the Colombian government and the FARC rebels. It symbolized for many Colombians the hopes for peace and a turning point in their country’s history.

But some worried about the tradeoffs it made, including some provisions to spare FARC rebels from jail time. These doubts were successfully manipulated and bolstered by an orchestrated right-wing campaign.

This setback raises many questions. What will it take to renegotiate the terms of the deal? How can Colombia keep the momentum for peace?

In the coming days, key questions will need to be answered. But here is a sure thing: Colombia’s women peacebuilders and grassroots peace activists are determined to keep up their work, and MADRE is committed to stand with them.

Together with our partners, we’ve mobilized to protect communities in the worst days of war. We’ve cared for survivors of violence and helped them speak out for their rights. And in the face of this setback, we rededicate ourselves to creating peace in Colombia.

I know that with your support for MADRE and our partners, we will realize that goal.

With hope,

Yifat Susskind
MADRE Executive Director