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Moving Backwards on Cuba

Today, Trump announced that he would impose new restrictions on Cuba, setting the clock backwards on recent years of progress in US-Cuba relations.

This terrible decision moves us further way from the goal we should be seeking: full normalization of US relations with Cuba. The last US administration loosened some restrictions, opening the door to travel and exchange that hadn’t been possible in decades—but these changes still didn’t go far enough. For instance, the dangerous US embargo, which denies medicine and aid to Cuban women and families, remains law.

For years, MADRE mobilized to send shipments of humanitarian aid to partners in Cuba, addressing the harms created by US policy. We’ve called on US officials to end the embargo and lift all these harmful restrictions. 

Today and into the future, we stand with Cuban women and families, and with the vast majority of people in the US who believe that we must end these policies of division. 

In solidarity,



June 16, 2017  / Latin America and Carribean