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A Message To Our Sister Organization KOFAVIV

Yesterday, to recognize the year that has passed since Haiti's earthquake and to express our ongoing committment to the women and girls of Haiti who have faced an escalating epidemic of sexual violence since the disaster, we sent this message to our sister organization in Haiti, KOFAVIV. We wanted to share it with you so that we all can join together in honoring their work:

On the one year anniversary of the earthquake, MADRE stands with KOFAVIV and the women of Haiti as you bravely speak out against all forms of violence against women.
KOFAVIV's tireless effort to ensure dignity and security for all Haitian women and girls is an inspiration to MADRE and our members worldwide. Your leadership in international women's human rights advocacy strengthens this global movement and serves as a call to action for all people who believe in justice and peace.
We thank you for your courage, leadership and unwavering defense of human rights. We are grateful for the opportunity to work with an organization of such undeniable commitment. You are in our thoughts today and we will stand with you as you continue, through hope and hard work, to rebuild your lives and your country.