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Celebrating 35 Years of Fighting for Feminist Futures!

MADRE's beloved founder, Vivian Stromberg (fourth from left), and MADRE's founding Executive Director, Kathy Engel (third from left), with one of MADRE's first delegations to Nicaragua in the 1980's. The group poses with an ambulance MADRE gave to the community hospital.

Dear Friend,

Happy New Year and Happy 35th Anniversary to MADRE!

We are honored and delighted to write to you today, as the Co-Chairs of MADRE's Board of Directors, to kick off our celebration of MADRE's 35 incredible years of advancing women's human rights and working to build a world of equality, justice and peace for all!

Since 1983, MADRE has partnered with more than 90 visionary grassroots women's groups in over 25 countries to strengthen women-led organizations and social movements. Together with members like you, we've delivered over $35 million in humanitarian aid to families facing war, displacement and environmental disasters.

It is with great pride in our past wins and tremendous excitement for our future work that we thank you, a key member of our loyal and passionate MADRE family, for your unwavering commitment.

Together, we're advancing the struggle to create a world where every person lives with dignity, opportunity and hope for the future. Where patriarchy is not only resisted, but vanquished. Where repressive and authoritarian governments are not just opposed, but transformed by a new generation of women leaders defending human rights and the health and future of our planet. 

As we celebrate this milestone in MADRE's history, and your contribution to our decades of accomplishments, let's rededicate ourselves to building the feminist futures we want.  


MADRE's Executive Director, Yifat Susskind (third from left), with an international delegation of MADRE's Indigenous partners at the 2017 People's Climate March.

While political crises deepen at home and abroad and communities face increasingly hostile attacks on their rights and on their lives, we will double down in support of our partners. We will commit even more resources to strengthening ties between activists to build a global network of feminist leaders, who stand together in solidarity and share strategies for advancing women's rights in diverse contexts. This will include new partnerships with US-based activists, whose communities need MADRE's support more than ever, and new work to foster the activism and leadership of young women and girls, who are the future of our worldwide movements for peace and justice. 

We will continue to count on you and our growing community of supporters, who truly make MADRE's mission a reality. Throughout 2018, there will be many opportunities to celebrate and deepen your ties with MADRE — we really hope you will! 

Thank you for your partnership today and always,

Anne Hess & Blaine Bookey, MADRE Board Co-Chairs

P.S. MADRE's members really are the best! We are constantly in awe of your dedication and generosity, and we would love to hear from you this year as we celebrate MADRE's 35th Anniversary. Whether you're a long-time member or new to our work, we hope you'll drop us a line and let us know what MADRE means to you!

First Photo: (c) Maddy Miller; Second Photo: (c) MADRE
January 17, 2018