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Campaign to Combat Violence Against Women


Help us raise $75, 000 by December 1!

At first it seems like a radical idea: we can stop violence against women. But think about this:

The women with whom MADRE works have survived wars, natural and man-made disasters and crushing poverty. And always intertwined with those devastating events is violence against women. It's one of the common threads that, sadly, connects all our work.

But you know, it's really amazing: when I talk to the women involved in MADRE's projects, they consistently tell me: we know it doesn't have to be this way. They've seen so much destruction--many of them have been abused, tortured or raped. Yet, they still believe, passionately, that women do not have to accept violence as a fact of life. And they can summon that resolve because of MADRE supporters. MADRE supporters have given women the resources they need to heal from abuse and to demand an end to gender-based violence. That support must continue. (webpage does not exist)

In a few days, many of you will get a letter from me in the mail, and I'll share stories of our sisters in Haiti, Pakistan and Afghanistan. I hope you'll be as inspired as I have been. For instance, in Haiti, women who have been raped are seeking justice. In Pakistan, women are coming together to form communities of support. In Afghanistan, women who dare to stand up to the Taliban are building a safety network. All of this is happening because of the support of MADRE members.

Everywhere we work, women are rejecting gender-based violence. It's not easy--many of them are risking their lives, and women still face abuse every day. But they are determined and even smiling because their daughters have hope in their eyes. The bottom line is: we can't continue to fight violence against women without your support.

Please, stand with our sisters across the globe. Give now so that MADRE can continue to combat violence against women.

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