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Submission to the Inter-American Court of Human Rights: Karen Atala and Daughters Against the State of Chile, in English and Spanish (September 2011)

The Amici Curiae Brief was submitted by a large groups of organizations which included MADRE as well as the IWHR Clinic at the City University of New York in support of the application filed by the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights before the Inter-American Court of Human Rights in the case of Karen Atala and daughters against the State of Chile. The Amici also supported the Commission’s finding that the decision of the Supreme Court of Chile, which stripped Karen Atala of custody of her three daughters for the sole reason that she is a lesbian living with her female partner, constituted “discriminatory treatment and . . . arbitrary interference in [her] private and family life” in violation of the American Convention on Human Rights. The Amici urged the Court to affirm that the Convention prohibits discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and grant the relief requested by the Commission.

English (PDF)

Spanish (PDF)