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The Haiti Gender Shadow Report: Ensuring Haitian Women's Participation and Leadership in All Stages of National Relief and Reconstruction (July 2010)

The report was composed by women from diverse backgrounds working both in grassroots communities in Haiti and in the international arena with the aim of ensuring women’s participation and leadership in all phases of reconstruction of Haiti. The Gender Shadow Report (GSR) provided the missing gender content of the Post-Disaster Needs Assessment (PDNA), the blueprint for Haiti’s reconstruction. It examined key issues related to a host of themes, including governance, accountability, environment and disaster risk reduction, social sectors, infrastructure, and the economy from a gender perspective. GSR further offered PDNA policymakers, donors, civil society groups, and all stakeholders involved in Haiti’s reconstruction, a set of human rights-based gender interventions to round out the redevelopment efforts in order to achieve greater inclusion and success.

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