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As Told by Rose: The Journey to Nicaragua's Indigenous Women's Forum

Meet Rose, the Executive Director of our partner in Nicaragua, Wangki Tangni.

Meet Rose


In 2008, Rose started an Indigenous Women’s Forum for women living along Nicaragua’s North Atlantic Coast. This forum brings women together to tackle the threats and challenges they face — and create solutions.

The Indigenous Women's Forum


The forum evolved over time: 

“An important moment was when we realized that we could not keep talking amongst ourselves about violence. We had to start talking with the Indigenous male judges, the men who administer the laws in our communities.”

An Important Step for the Forum


MADRE supported the Indigenous Women's Forum from the beginning. Soon enough, women were able to push their demands with governments, locally and internationally.



Rose described one of the forum's results: 

“The forum has put us on the agenda of the region and its communities -- and I would even say on the agenda of Central America and...the international fight against violence towards women.”

On the Agenda


The forum has become an annual tradition. And at the end of each forum, women are prepared to lead in their communities.

An Annual Tradition


Thank you to Miguel Macias for the video footage. Click here to watch the full video.

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July 24, 2017