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Radio, Community Action, and Intergenerational Leadership: Highlights from Our Trip to Nicaragua

We work with Wangki Tangni, our local partner in Nicaragua, to end violence against women and advance women’s rights. On our most recent trip, we witnessed the amazing work of community leaders and activists.

Human Rights Radio

With Wangki Tangni, we launched a human rights radio station to connect women living in remote communities on the North Atlantic Coast of Nicaragua and to share crucial resources.

The radio station has been around for a little over a year, but it has already had an impact on local communities. Women say the station makes them feel empowered, informed, and supported. And, they report that men change their behavior after listening to the radio’s programming.

Community Action Plans

During our trip, Wangki Tangni brought together traditional judges known as wihtas and women’s rights defenders. They discussed issues in their communities and drafted plans for organizing and taking action.

Many activists said they felt empowered to do the work because of Wangki Tangni’s consistent support and strong community presence.

Human Rights Advocacy Trainings 

We also helped lead trainings on local, national and international human rights advocacy. We specifically focused on how to collect and document evidence of human rights abuses.

Intergenerational Leadership

We got a glimpse of intergenerational leadership at work. Women’s rights defenders like Isabel, Naidira and Albertina were inspired by their mothers’ activism and plan to teach their children about advocating for human rights.

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August 24, 2017  / Nicaragua / Ending Gender Violence