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Celebrating the International Day of the World's Indigenous Peoples

Every year on August 9, we celebrate the International Day of the World's Indigenous Peoples, an important time to recognize and celebrate their contributions towards creating a better world. It’s also a time to recommit ourselves to stand with Indigenous Peoples as they protect their lands and cultures and demand their rights.

MADRE is determined to stand with Indigenous Peoples as they advocate for their rights. For years, we have partnered with Indigenous women’s groups around the world to meet basic needs and push for long-term change in their communities.

Indigenous women farmers in Kenya

In Kenya, MADRE partners with the Indigenous Information Network to train Indigenous women farmers to confront drought and other impacts of climate change. We give women the tools to install clean water wells, protect natural water sources and store food through droughts.  And we train grassroots women leaders to bring these solutions to international climate talks.

Women in Nicaragua

In Nicaragua, MADRE partners with Wangki Tangni to combat violence against Indigenous women and girls. We offer emergency care, counseling and shelter to survivors of violence. And we teach women to document violence for future prosecutions.

Indigenous women of Guatemala weave scarves to both raise income and preserve Ixil heritage

In Guatemala, MADRE partners with MUIXIL to support a weaving collective of 45 Indigenous Ixil women. We provide looms and raw materials so that women can weave beautiful, traditional scarves to both raise income and preserve Ixil heritage. And we equip women to take part in local elections and demand their rights. And great news! Handwoven scarves made by our sisters at MUIXIL are available for purchase! Visit Corazon Scarves to learn more! 

Today—and every day—we celebrate the Indigenous women who are working to creating a better world for themselves, their families and their communities. I hope you’ll join us.