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Bring Back Our Girls: A Global Rallying Call

Over 230 girls have been kidnapped. Armed men took them from their boarding school and are holding them captive. Their families are panic-stricken and heartbroken. The girls are in danger of being trafficked and sold into marriage.

MADRE stands with the distraught families and determined activists in Nigeria. We echo their powerful call to Bring Back Our Girls. We condemn Boko Haram, the armed group that kidnapped the girls, for their attack on these girls. We denounce them for terrorizing communities across Nigeria and for their assault on girls' right to education.

Today, news has emerged that Boko Haram has kidnapped eight more girls. MADRE calls for an urgent response to retrieve all the kidnapped girls. The Nigerian government must carry out an immediate search-and-rescue and provide support to the families.

These girls were targeted and taken at gunpoint because they dared to pursue an education. They are among the brave girls like Malala Yousafzai, a Pakistani girl who survived a murder attempt after she spoke out for her right to education. They are among the millions of girls worldwide who seek schooling, despite barriers and opposition.

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