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#Beyond100Days: Promote LGBTIQ Rights

We’ve made it through the first 100 days of the Trump administration. It was a period marked by chaos and continued assaults on our rights and freedoms, in the US and around the world. 

But at the same time, there’s been hope. Our progressive movements have grown in strength and in numbers, mobilizing a powerful resistance to policies fueled by hate and fear. It’s on us all to sustain this momentum – through the next 100 days and beyond.

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The Trump administration is a threat to the rights of LGBTIQ persons in the US and around the world. Here are some early indications:

Our Feminist Foreign Policy Demands

We call on the US to:

  • Reject all associations with homophobic and transphobic groups, and preserve and expand protections for LGBTIQ people’s rights.
  • Recognize the dangers faced by LGBTIQ people worldwide, and repeal racist and discriminatory immigration policies that block their access to refuge.

Our Resistance with Women Worldwide – And You

We support rights activists creating safe spaces in dangerous places for LGBTIQ people threatened with violence.

  • Through our local partners, we create safe spaces for LGBTIQ people in Haiti and help them to organize for their rights. We document human rights violations against LGBTIQ people and train our partners to press their governments to uphold human rights for LGBTIQ people.
  • We amplify progressive Iraqi voices through our local partner’s radio station and newspaper to end the stigma against LGBTIQ Iraqis.
  • We operate an underground railroad in ISIS controlled areas, a network of escape routes that usher LGBTIQ people to safety.

Join us as we advance these demands and our on-the-ground resistance!

May 5, 2017  / LGBTIQ Rights