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#Beyond100Days: Counter Militarism

We’ve made it through the first 100 days of the Trump administration. It was a period marked by chaos and continued assaults on our rights and freedoms, in the US and around the world. 

But at the same time, there’s been hope. Our progressive movements have grown in strength and in numbers, mobilizing a powerful resistance to policies fueled by hate and fear. It’s on us all to sustain this momentum – through the next 100 days and beyond.

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Under Trump, the US has hit Mosul, Iraq with airstrikes, illegally bombed Syria, escalated US military action in Somalia, and dropped the horribly-named “Mother of All Bombs” in Afghanistan. The list goes on. We know from our work in war zones around the world that military intervention only prolongs violence. And it increases threats against women and families, like mass displacement, humanitarian disaster, wartime rape and more.

Our Feminist Foreign Policy Demands

We call on the US to:

  • Immediately halt airstrikes, bombings and other military actions that deepen violence and endanger lives.
  • Prioritize diplomacy to end or avert wars in places like Syria, North Korea and beyond. Grassroots women are building peace from the ground up: sustaining communities and fostering credible solutions for peace. Their input must be prioritized in diplomatic efforts, and the US has already signed an international agreement, UN Security Council Resolution 1325, promising to do so.
  • Restore funding to humanitarian and social spending programs, in the US and worldwide. Urgent needs for health care, education, housing, food aid and more cannot be sacrificed at the altar of military spending.

Our Resistance with Women Worldwide – And You

We sustain women and families confronting war and disaster with life-saving programs that provide emergency aid, safe haven and health care. And thanks to our on-the-ground network of activists, we can respond urgently when we are needed.

  • We run an underground escape network in Iraq to help women and girls escaping ISIS sexual slavery reach our shelters, where they receive medical care and counseling. And through our local partners, we deliver emergency aid, including food and medicines, to communities under siege.
  • We deliver urgent medical supplies and reproductive health care to Syrian women and families fleeing war. And we’re helping to rebuild and stock a children's hospital in Aleppo, where healthcare for families trapped by war is virtually non-existent.

In the face of increased and intensified wars, we continue to advocate for peace. Real and lasting peace depends on women, and we help ensure that their crucial voices are heard.

Join us as we advance these demands and our on-the-ground resistance!

May 5, 2017  / Building a Just Peace